The Milwaukee Brewers new logo and uniforms are built from their past
Lou Saldivar, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

What was once old is new again.

That was the Milwaukee Brewers’ message as they announced a branding overhaul Monday night at the Skyy Lounge at Miller Park. The team confirmed growing rumors that they are returning to the clever, memorable ball-in-glove logo that came to identify the team until 1994, when they moved on after a 25-year run.

But this is not your parents’ ball-in-glove.

The Brewers gave it some modern flourishes, connecting the “m” and “b” that form the glove, changing the color from royal blue to navy blue and putting two seams on a now-centered baseball to give it a more authentic look. Club president of baseball operations Rick Schlesinger said the intent was to stay true to the nature of the original logo while bringing it forward to mesh with a rebranding of player uniforms as well.

“What we did is we took the classic ball-in-glove and made certain modest changes, modest enhancements we thought would elevate it,” Schlesinger said.

The logo and uniform changes will coincide with the team’s 50th anniversary celebration…