Brewers Unveil New Logo and Uniforms | News


MILWAUKEE, WI (WSAU) — Its a new twist on an old favorite for the latest Milwaukee Brewers logo.

On Monday night the Milwaukee Brewers unveiled their new logo for the 2020 MLB season. The logo is a take on the old ball-in-glove logo formerly used by the team from 1978 to 1993. The new logo features a navy blue background with yellow line work.

Along with the unveiling of the new logo for the clubs 50th season, the Brewers have released four new uniforms. Those are a home cream, a home pinstripe, a road grey, and a road navy.

At the Brewers website, you can find an interactive page detailing all the ideas and concepts that went into the new logo and uniforms. The main idea was to honor the Brewers past and the city of Milwaukee, while also looking towards the future.

The team website details the ideas behind each of the new uniforms. It reads, “New uniforms prominently feature vintage and symbolic design elements as a contemporary take on our roots:

“The cream edition is an homage to the Cream City; the pinstripe edition is a nod to baseball history; our two road…

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