Former players on the Hall of Fame ballot once again in 2020

Cleveland Indians fans have some more rooting interests this offseason as a few former players show up on the 2020 Hall of Fame ballot.

Let the arguments begin as the 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame is now officially out and filled with plenty of polarizing players.

There are also several former Cleveland Indians on the ballot. That should serve as a bit of a distraction from all the Derek Jeter debates.

The top names for Indians fans are Omar Vizquel, Manny Ramirez, and Cliff Lee. We have seen the first two on the ballot in the past, but Lee is making his first appearance and should at least get a few votes. Right?

Jason Giambi is also making his first appearance, while Jeff Kent is back on the ballot and also qualifies as a former Indians player based on a few months in town back in 1996.

Vizquel and Ramirez are likely Hall of Famers in the eyes of most Indians fans. The problem is that the voting process is sometimes a bit goofy and nonsensical. I doubt either makes it in this year, but both will remain on the ballot for 2021.

Lee is an interesting name because while he qualifies for the ballot, he did not have a legendary career. He took home one Cy Young Award and reached the…

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