Those Dean boys – Opinion – Booneville Democrat

Certainly among the more colorful baseball players in history were the brothers, Jay Hanna “Dizzy” Dean and his younger brother Paul (sometimes called “Daffy”). Paul’s personality was actually fairly reserved, and his tag was mainly a creation of the press. However, Dizzy fully deserved his nickname. They were born at Lucas, a small community in southwestern Logan County.

It is needless to draw the attention of real baseball fans to the Deans, since in the 1934 World Series the two brothers combined for four wins in the Cardinals’ championship over the Detroit Tigers. They were the aces of the famous Gashouse Gang, and Dizzy was the last National League pitcher to win 30 games.

James and Virginia Fields now live in Booneville, but she grew up in downtown Branch. Her father was V. J. Rutledge, who sold MFA insurance and Raleigh Products and was well known in the area. The family lived right on Highway 22 across from the current post office.

Virginia’s uncle Amon had been a teacher in the Chickalah school in Yell County. The Deans had moved to that vicinity in 1920 and attended his school. Because of this the Rutledge family had a fairly close connection…

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