What changed for them in 2019?

The Washington Nationals went from a hard luck franchise to World Champions. What changed in 2019?

The Washington Nationals now sit atop the mountain as World Champions after defeating the Houston Astros 4-3 in a best of seven series in what is sure to be remembered as one of the most improbable runs in baseball history.

Way back when, the Nats sat at the bottom of the National League entirely at 19-31 with questions circulating as to whether they would sell off their assets or not, and if Dave Martinez would last the rest of the season as the manager of the club. Though they certainly were a talented team with a stacked rotation and respectable position players, this group seemed to fall under the category of not playing up to its potential- which is why, thankfully, they never lost hope in their season.

But what exactly happened this year to the Nationals as opposed to years prior that enabled them to craft such an inspiring comeback and emerge as the best team of 2019?

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First of all, the subtraction of their superstar, Bryce Harper, in the offseason played a major factor, whether it allowed the team to loosen up without his presence or place a firm chip…

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