Astros News: Jomboy Speaks on Video Evidence of Astros Cheating

Once again, we meet Jomboy. Furthermore, he is Jimmy O’Brien; rising media star and soon-to-be mogul. Indeed, Jomboy has been at every turn of the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing saga; providing visuals with the stories.

Ken Rosenthal has thanked him. Men want to be him. Now, Jomboy is on a major network talking his business with Boomer Esiasion and his co-host on WFAN in New York.

First, he was asked if any Houston Astros personnel has came after him in any way, which is an interesting and good question.

“No, I know the general manager Jeff Lunhow’s wife was going nuts for a little bit, which is fair. But I think she just went ‘private’.”

Then, he’s asked if he thinks the Houston general manager survives this mess.

“I think he’s out – whether Lunhow resigns or whatever – I think it’s going to be pretty heavy punishment. Considering how quiet the Astros have been. When they were accused of pine-tar they were at the forefront of defending themselves. Now, they haven’t said anything; they haven’t said a word.”

Finally, Jomboy comments that the Astros doing something as outwardly obvious as banging the trash can in the dugout to relay signs…

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