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Did you know the great John L. Sullivan fought in an illegal 75-round (!) bare knuckle bout in the woods outside Gulfport 137-years ago?  

Did you know Louis Armstrong loved baseball so much he fielded his own Negro Southern League team called The Secret Nine?

The Historic New Orleans Collection is debuting a new exhibit about the close relationship between the City and Sports.  

This new event kicks off Friday, November 22nd at the Collection’s exhibition center at 520 Royal Street, between St. Louis and Toulouse.  

Through sports, the collection dives deep into how such events reflected social, economic and cultural developments in New Orleans. 

Among the items in the collection are the first Sugar Bowl trophy, cobbled in 1825 in London, and how the Bowl integrated collegiate football competition.  

The New Orleans Saints Super Bowl victory of 2010 is highlighted with a display of their Vince Lombardi Trophy.  

Curator Mark Cave says, “Sports are often viewed as a topic not worthy of serious historical study.  But reflecting on these sporting events is like holding a mirror to our community as its story has unfolded. These events show us who we are, how we’ve changed and,…

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