Shortstop — Is Brandon Crawford really the starter in 2020? – The Athletic

Pretend you’ve stumbled into a reality where the “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” machines exist, where huge chunks of your memory can be zapped from your brain. Pretend that you’ve lost a bet with a Dodgers fan, and that you’re being forced to forget about the Giants from 2011 through 2016. It was a big bet, and you were dumb to have agreed to it. Something about the spelling of “Berenstain Bears.” You were just so sure.

Because of this, Brandon Crawford is a name on a Baseball-Reference page to you. You have more than a few memories of some brilliant defensive plays, maybe a few big hits, but they’re fuzzy, so you keep looking at the page. You’re getting an idea of his career from it. A fair amount of offense. A whole lot of defense. A really good player for several years, just a tremendous asset to his team.

But he’ll be 33 next season. And last year, he stopped hitting, with a .228/.304/.350 line…

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