Stats back Murphy’s case for Hall of Fame | Local Sports

An Atlanta Braves legend could soon become immortalized among the all-time greats in Major League Baseball history. 

Long before Chipper Jones became the face of the Atlanta Braves teams that dominated baseball during the 90s, the franchise’s hero in the 80s was Dale Murphy, a tall, lanky outfielder who was a stats-producing machine for an average to below average ball club.

Murphy is under consideration for the Hall of Fame with the Hall’s Eras Committee. If he is to be elected, Murphy needs 75% of the vote or 12 of the 16 members to vote yay.

The case for Dale Murphy for the Hall of Fame is his impressive stats. Baseball is a numbers sport and Murphy is not lacking in areas where hitters need to thrive.

For his career, Murphy tallied 398 home runs, which currently ranks 60th in baseball history and 1,266 RBIs, which ranks 131st. Though, an argument could be made that many players who have since surpassed Murphy can be linked to the steroid era when home runs were flying out of ballparks at an unprecedented rate. 

If you examine Murphy’s year-by-year stats, it…

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