The Hall of Fame Ballot

A few days back the baseball Hall of Fame released their list of candidates for induction this year. It’s still an embarrassing mess because of reasons, and you can rest easy assured that many totally deserving candidates will be on the list again next year (unless they are dropped entirely). I have a lot of cynical and embittered thoughts about the Hall of Fame, but I really want this to be a fun time for everyone to have fun, so let’s forget the gross stuff and just have fun.

You know what’s fun? All these guys:

Bobby Abreu

Abreu has a pretty strong case for Most Overlooked Guy in His Time on this list. He played forever (his career spanned 18 seasons) but never really had an incredible eye-popping peak season to define himself. He made just two All-Star Games and never once cracked the top ten in MVP voting. He played in an era when everybody and his brother (*cough* Giambi) was slamming wangoes all over the place, but he never hit more than 31 in a given season.

One might quickly determine that he does not deserve a second look, but one might be really stupid.

Abreu made his bones doing the kinds of things that don’t often get much ink. From 1998 to 2010, he…

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