The Hall of Fame is incomplete without Larry Walker

For better or worse, it’s officially Hall of Fame season. The 2020 Hall of Fame ballot has been released and sent to voters. This will also be Larry Walker’s tenth and final appearance on the ballot. Either justice will prevail and he enters the Hall, or the system will fail and he will have exhausted eligibility.

The BBWAA had better not screw this up. There is no rational, intelligent, sane reason for any voter to leave Walker off their ballot. He was unequivocally one of the most brilliant players in baseball history, checking every conceivable box on the Hall of Fame checklist. It’s time to fire up the engines on the #WalkerHOF hype train.

Hall of Fame Metrics

By any measure of Hall worthiness— and there are several— Walker makes the grade. The most prominent is JAWS. With 58.7, he ranks 10th among the 26 right fielders in the Hall, comfortably above the average of 56.8. His overall bWAR and WAR7 also surpasses the average Hall of Famer. All nine players ahead of him are Hall of Famers, as are the three below him (excluding the permanently banned Shoeless Joe Jackson).

Expand beyond just right fielders and his JAWS looks even better. There only two position…

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