10 Most Underrated MLB Stadiums (10 That Need To Be Knocked Down)

Baseball is America’s pastime, which means some stadiums in the MLB are extremely old. It’s become a trend in American history for families to spend a day at the ballpark, watch a baseball game, and sometimes even enjoy the amenities at the stadium. That’s why more and more teams are adding things to their stadium to entertain the whole family.

Granted, not every stadium does that. Some stadiums are so old where extracurricular activities weren’t even a thought, and that’s fine. At the end of the day, it’s about coming to watch a baseball game, but fans require more.

There are some underrated MLB stadiums that aren’t talked about as much, and some that need to be torn down. In 2019, fans want new. They want an experience that feels special and you can experience more. Teams have to cater to what the fans want, and that may include a new stadium for some.

20 Underrated: Busch Stadium

via Ballparks of Baseball

Busch Stadium feels like a perfect stadium to watch baseball. The views are beautiful in the outfield with the Gateway Arch in the background. Fans can experience drinks at the AT&T Rooftop with beautiful views of the stadium, and the city of St. Louis. It’s not…

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