Derek Shelton and Mark Kotsay Still in the Mix

The Pittsburgh Pirates are still looking to fill their manager void.  Even with a new General Manager, the team is still considering some of the same candidates.

Heading into the offseason, Pittsburgh Pirates fans were under the assumption that the team would be looking to find a new manager and pitching coach.  Instead, after a few weeks of interviewing managerial candidates, the team saw their now former president step away.  This was followed up by the hiring of new president Travis Williams.

Once Williams was brought on board it only opened up even more questions for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Williams decided it was time to move on from Neal Huntington and some of his front office staff.  The team put the manager interviews to the side until they found a new General Manager.

The Bucs now have a new General Manager in Ben Cherington.  Cherington is reportedly going to pick manager interviews back up and is considering both previously considered candidates as well as looking into his own potential ones.  It has been reported that Cherington felt like the previous regime looked into a lot of the right people so this new regime will not have much work left to do.

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