Orlando baseball is not a threat to Tampa Bay, but apathy is

ST. PETERSBURG — It would be easy to poke fun of the Orlando Dreamers today.

To point out this nascent Major League Baseball fantasy lacks a stadium plan, an ownership group or, more importantly, a compelling reason why Orlando would fare better than either Miami or Tampa Bay when it comes to drawing corporate support or fans.

But we’re not really in a position to mock others, are we?

Tampa Bay is the belittled sibling in the MLB fraternity. No fans, no money, no history. And while we are literally a month removed from an October playoff run, you could make an argument that Orlando has one critical component that Tampa Bay seems to lack:


All around North America, there are communities gearing up for potential expansion or relocation in Major League Baseball. Former Orlando Magic executive Pat Williams announced the exploratory Dreamers bid on Wednesday. The Portland Diamond project has a petition with more than 40,000 signatures pledging support for a team. Business leaders and politicians in Montreal are…

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