Astros sign stealing: Wide range of tactics in play


Major League Baseball is exploring other ways through which the Astros could have relayed signs they were allegedly stealing electronically from their opponents, according to multiple reports, including one from Sports Illustrated‘s Tom Verducci.

The investigation into the Astros stealing signs illegally stems from a Nov. 12 report by The Athletic in which former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers said that the club electronically stole signs during home games in 2017 with the help of an outfield camera. Members of the team would see the signs in real time through a monitor in the dugout and relay them to batters by banging on a trash can to indicate an off-speed pitch was coming.

Now, as part of MLB’s investigates, league officials have asked players associated with the incident about “buzzing Band-Aid-like wearable stickers, furtive earpieces, pitch-picking algorithms, and other potential methods of sign-stealing,” according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

Players who might have violated league rules have been told by MLB officials that they can expect a more forgiving possible punishment for being truthful in their responses….

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