‘Lefty’ Robinson, the king of Jefferson City Mohawk Baseball

The “Jefferson City Mohawks reigned as king of baseball in Jefferson City.” That quote ran in a 1969 News Tribune sports feature more than 40 years after the team was organized.

Charles “Lefty” Robinson was the pitcher and later manager for the impressive team of black players who took on exhibition games with American Negro Baseball League teams, including the Kansas City Monarchs, St. Louis Stars and Birmingham Black Barons, as the professionals traveled across the state.

The Mohawks hosted the 1932 Negro Baseball Championships of Central Missouri at Whiteway Park. But more often, they played at Lincoln Park, enclosed by a board fence near Lincoln University’s practice field, according to Gary Kremer.

Before the Mohawks organized in 1922, the Jefferson City Hubs were the big team for black players. But they only had two local players. After the locally filled Mohawks beat the Hubs twice decisively in the 1920s, the Hubs team disbanded.

Later, Lincoln University also manned a competitive team called the Jefferson City Eagles. In the 1950s, the Mohawks and Eagles combined as the Dodgers to play in the new Central Missouri Negro League.

Robinson gained…

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