This Youth Generation: Storytelling has great value

Your experience and life story could be encouraging to today’s youth generation. Over the years, I have met some incredible people with some very amazing and inspiring life stories. I often shared some of these stories in my journey as a youth worker by way of life lessons. If they would only listen.

I often challenge our young folks to tap into their history. I emphasize the potential value and pertinence of learning their personal, family, cultural and generational history.

It could start with the simple task of investigating where they got their name from. There is usually a family history lesson or interesting story about the origins of your own name. Years ago, as a youth basketball coach, I asked my 9-year-old players to all share where their names came from. A thin, shy guard named Jackie was reluctant to respond. Turns out that his full name is Jackie Robinson Williams. To my surprise, he had no idea where his name came from or who gave it to him and why.

I instructed the entire team to go home ask their parents or guardians about the origins of their name and come back the next day to share with the rest of the…

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