Yankees may not have to pay Jacoby Ellsbury $26M to go away

Two days after releasing Jacoby Ellsbury from one of the worst contracts in baseball history, the Yankees may have found a loophole that will save them the $26 million still owed through 2021.

In a move that makes all the more sense as to why the Yankees would be willing to eat the remaining $26 million on Jacoby Ellsbury’s original seven-year, $153 million pact, the Bombers have informed Ellsbury and his agent, Scott Boras, that they have converted his contract to a non-guaranteed deal.

How’s that, you ask? Well, according to Ken Davidoff of the NY Post, since being out of commission since 2017, Ellsbury was treated without the Yanks’ permission by Dr. Viktor Bouquette of Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta, GA.

Therefore, it doesn’t take a detective to figure the Yankees knew precisely what they were doing when they gave the 36-year-old Ellsbury his walking papers on Wednesday.

Not only was a coveted 40-man roster spot opened, but the opportunity to get out from under all or some of the $26M still owed will have a direct impact on Hal Steinbrenner’s luxury tax threshold.

Naturally, the MLBPA won’t take the Yankees’ decision lying down — and a grievance will…

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