The Yankees are preparing to throw Jacoby Ellsbury under the bus

If the Yankees can manage to find a way to void Jacoby Ellsbury’s $26 million in owed money for the 2020-21 season, it would open up a ton of cash-flow to sign a top-level free agent. $26 million is just short of the amount it would take to sign a player like Gerrit Cole to bolster the starting pitching rotation.

However, the Yanks have a plan for Ellsbury, a player who came from the Boston Red Sox to have one decent season over four active years. He missed the last two seasons with separate injuries, and with two years left on his deal, the Bombers are in a tough position. They’re unable to recoup any of the money lost in insurance, but they will exercise a different method of gaining the salary back.

The Yankees will claim that Ellsbury used unauthorized doctors during his treatment that would potentially compromise his health and make him more of a liability for the organization.

Multiple reports indicated that Ellsbury traveled to Atlanta and was traded by Dr. Viktor Bouquette of Progressive Medical Center without the team’s permission. This would make his contract non-guaranteed and allow the Yankees to recoup the massive amount of money they’re on the hook…

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