Projections and Benchmarks – Pitcher List

No matter who you ask, everyone agrees that draft preparation is one of the most important parts of a fantasy baseball season. Yes, a main part of preparation is knowing which players you are targeting and when to target them. But what happens when you miss out on your targets? What happens when the few specific players you want to build around are taken? By using a combination of projection systems and category benchmarks, you can fill in gaps during your draft based on what you expect you’ll need to come out ahead in each category.

Before we go any further, despite this article being in a series of articles titled Fantasy 101, this article is more of a 300-level elective as opposed to a core curriculum course. While preparing for drafts at the beginning of your fantasy career, knowing how to leverage projection systems and benchmarks will put you ahead of other starting players, but so will a careful study of ADP and fantasy baseball experts. Many of the skills covered in this article will help prepare you for deeper leagues or auctions with a little finessing. Some modicum of experience working within Excel or Google Sheets is a prerequisite for…

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