What If Bo Jackson’s Hip Injury Never Happens?

One of the biggest “what-if” stories in sports history is all about Bo Jackson and the hip injury that ended his career.

During his fourth season as a running back in the National Football League, Jackson was injured in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals after being dragged down from behind. The injury ended his football career and eventually his baseball career as well, cutting short his legacy as the greatest two-sport athlete in American history. But if Jackson wasn’t hurt, how untouchable would his career have been?

Bo Jackson’s Hip Injury Explained

From Bessemer, Alabama, Jackson played four college football seasons at Auburn University and won the 1985 Heisman Trophy. Jackson was taken with the first pick of the first round in the 1986 NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but because of an incident involving the Bucs’ owner, the multi-sport star refused to play for the franchise who he believed tried to sabotage his college baseball career.

Instead of playing football, Jackson signed with the Kansas City Royals after being drafted by an MLB team for the third time. He would…

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