Marker for Ebbets Field Home Plate is in a Brooklyn Apartment Parking Lot

The Los Angeles Dodgers has its origin story firmly implanted in Brooklyn, although there is tragically not much left to see. What was once the illustrious home of the Brooklyn Dodgers in Crown Heights became a hulking 24-story housing development. Its name, Ebbets Field Apartments, is one of the few reminders of its baseball history. Sadly, a sign reads “No ball playing.” Even lesser known is a forgotten plaque on a sidewalk that marks the original location of the Ebbets Field home plate.

Located in a parking lot within the complex just off of Sullivan Place, the plaque which is in the shape of home plate, reads: “Site of the Ebbets Field Home Plate. Home to the Brooklyn Dodgers 1913-1957. At this location on April 5, 1947 Jack Roosevelt Robinson Integrated Major League Baseball.”  On our list visit, it was on a section of sidewalk under scaffolding.

Ebbets Field Apartments

The other piece of history is located behind a bush, under the building’s address number. A cornerstone is inscribed with the words “This is the former site of Ebbets Field.” The year 1962 is shown inside a baseball to mark the year the apartments were constructed. Across the street on the western…

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