The amazing 1928 World Champion Yankees!

The New York Yankees have won 27 World Baseball Championships.  The 1928 team was one of the greatest Yankee teams for several reasons: In a time when they only played 154 games in a season, the team won 101 games.  The team also consisted of eight future Hall of Fame members, including manager Miller Huggins.  The 1928 Yankees swept the St. Louis Cardinals in four games.  In game one with terrific weather at the old Yankee Stadium and in front of over 61,000 cheering Yankee fans,  future Hall of Famer Waite Hoyt would only allow one run and the Yanks beat the Cards 4-1.

Bob Meusel would have a home run.  In game two, George Pipgras would take the Cards to a 9-3 loss while Lou Gehrig would hit his first home run of the series.  Game 3 and 4 would be played at Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis.  Game three’s Tom Zachary would cause the Cards to lose 7-3.  This time the Iron Horse would hit two home runs for his third of the series.  In game four, Babe Ruth would hit three home runs in the game while Lou Gehrig would hit his fourth of the series, and Cedric Durst would add a long ball of his own.  In the series, the Yankees outscored the Cardinal 27-10.  Hoyt…

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