Witness: Teacher armed with handgun threatens principal, coach

TOMBALL, Texas — A geography teacher in Tomball was arrested Tuesday after witnesses said he made “alarming statements” about the principal and baseball coach at Concordia Lutheran High School. He is now on administrative leave.

A school security guard, who was alerted about the veiled threats, said he found a loaded handgun in the teacher’s briefcase after questioning him in his classroom. 

Tomball police were notified and they arrested 62-year-old Mark Davis. He is charged with a felony, possession of a prohibited weapon in a prohibited place and misdemeanor exhibition of a firearm. 

Another school employee who alerted the security guard said Mark Davis “appeared to be more angry than usual” when he admitted he had a gun at school and planned to buy a rifle. 

Davis said Principal Joel Bodi “screwed him” and gave him a bad reference when he applied for a coaching job at another school, according to the witness.

He said Davis was also mad at Rick Lynch, the school’s head baseball coach, because he didn’t hire him as assistant head coach. 

Davis allegedly told the witness that it’s the kind of treatment that makes people…

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