Ranking the Top 5 moments of the legend’s career

Derek Jeter is headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The lifetime New York Yankees captain was one of the most iconic players in baseball for nearly two decades, and this summer he will be forever immortalized in Cooperstown alongside other legends of the game.

Jeter provided baseball fans with some of the most indelible moments in sports over the years, and he will go down as one of the greatest players in Yankees history.

But what are the images or scenes that stand above the rest? Here are the top five moments of Jeter’s career.

5. The jump-throw

The detractors will argue Jeter was never the best defensive shortstop of his era.

Indeed, Jeter was worth -8.3 dWAR, according to Baseball Reference, and he finished his career with a whopping -152 defensive runs saved and a -66.1 ultimate zone rating, according to FanGraphs.

Still, No. 2 made some of the most iconic defensive plays in baseball history. This one is particularly resonant because it inspired a generation of ballplayers and was arguably popularized by Jeter himself.

The Yankees squared off against the Cleveland Indians in the 1998 ALCS, and Jeter would make his mark on Game 1 of the series. Indians outfielder Travis…

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