The New York Yankees and a history of Great Backstops

The New York Yankees have a tradition and history of having iconic players, some great and some Hall of Famers. None is more real than the many catchers that have crouched behind home plate at Yankee Stadium.  The catcher not only catches the ball thrown by pitchers but directs the whole game from his position at the backstop and acts as a wall to keep the ball on the playing field.  Another task charged to the backstop is keeping players and spectators alike safe from errant balls and bats.

The Yankees present catcher is Gary Sanchez, who has been the Yankees primary catcher for the last few years. He is a young man with little experience compared to the catchers I will reference but can join these greats. Sanchez has the stuff; he has proven he can hit for power as he has 105 homers in only 372 games, that’s a homer in less than every four games.  Last year he significantly improved the defense of his position.   The only thing that can keep him from greatness is his inability to stay healthy.

Bill Dickey:   Bill Dickey was a Yankee catcher from 1928 to 1946.  He was an excellent game caller and defender as the backstop. He was also a great clutch hitter for…

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