White Sox Talk Podcast: A sit down with Sox pitcher Dylan Cease

You remember the Dr. Seuss book “If I Ran The Zoo,” right?

Well, this is “If I Ran The Sox.” It probably won’t sell as many copies.

I want to make it clear from the outset that when we’re talking about the White Sox lineup, only one guy gets to decide what it is, and his name is Rick Renteria. Of course, everyone has and will continue to have their own opinion on how the White Sox, now in win-now mode thanks to a busy offseason that appears to be baseball’s most successful, should line up on a daily basis. I am not immune to this affliction. Nor is Dylan Cease.

Renteria hasn’t given many clues as to how he’ll write things out on Opening Day, going as far to say, when asked what his lineup will be last weekend during SoxFest, that he won’t be sharing his lineups. But he did say that Luis Robert probably won’t be leading off at first. Rick Hahn made it sound like the chances of Nick Madrigal making the Opening Day roster aren’t great. You’ll notice below that I have Robert leading off and Madrigal as the starting second baseman. Again, this isn’t a prediction, it’s merely what I would do if for some laughable and unthinkable reason I ended up in the manager’s chair.


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