History abounds at Stevensville Middle School | Schools

STEVENSVILLE — Stevensville Middle School continued its long tradition of involving its students in the annual National History Day Contest on Thursday, Jan. 25. For many years, StMS has asked students to choose a themed topic for the contest and present it to be judged for possible further consideration at regional, state and national competitions. This year may have been the largest participation ever at the school with more than 300 individual entries. This year’s theme: Breaking Barriers in History.

The National History Day goal is to challenge students to improve their research, analytical and communication skills. Using primary and secondary sources leads students to libraries, archives, historical societies and museums. Many also conduct oral history interviews. They put their information together in a variety of ways to be viewed, including museum-style exhibits and multimedia documentaries.

Many of the students chose the same popular topics. In a survey at StMS, the number one topic as a Breaking Barriers in History was famed baseball player Jackie Robinson. He was exhibited by 15 different students. Second most popular was Harriet…

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