Mike Rizzo on what makes Ryan Zimmerman a great leader

Let’s head to Las Vegas for odds on this: recent World Series champion caught in a cheating scandal shares spring training facility with current World Series champion, which defeated the cheating champions to gain their championship. Got that?

Now add this: former manager of current World Series champion, who was in charge when said spring training facility opened, and was not retained after not winning a championship, is suddenly in charge of the cheating champions. 

Odds? Are there enough zeroes? 

Dusty Baker will manage the Houston Astros in 2020. He is not one for subtlety or fear, walking the party line or averse to barking caught-on-camera swear words from the dugout which get him in trouble with his mother. Baker is a storyteller, self-backer, compelling figure, smart, has moxy and is just a step from the Baseball Hall of Fame. He’s convinced a World Series title as a manager will get him there. 

Mixing Baker with Houston’s current situation is an epic dice roll by a suddenly unmoored organization. Astros owner Jim Crane swept out manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow following suspensions from Major League Baseball. His players remain…

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