Red Reposter – A bright beautiful baseball day in late January

This offseason has been far and away the most fun and engaging and warm and romantic that I can remember. Our Reds are done fucking around and are doing everything within their powers to make them the best team in the National League. And by god, they are doing a pretty good job of it. They might still be a step or two behind the defending-champion Nationals and the Dodgers and maybe the Braves, but this baseball team looks every bit the part of a contender. That shit bangs.

But you know, that ain’t why I’m so jazzed up about baseball at the end of January, at least, that’s not the whole reason. I cannot recommend enough that you read Joe Posnanski’s sweeping baseball epic, The Baseball 100. For 100 days before Opening Day, Joe has published player profiles of the 100 best baseball players in history, in descending order. Today is #56, Joe DiMaggio. Here’s a bit that really got me all sugared up:

“He cracked a single on May 17 and went 3-for-3 the next day against the St. Louis Browns. He doubled off Denny Galehouse on Monday, scraped a single off St. Louis’ Elden Auker in the bottom of the eighth on Tuesday and got two hits off Detroit pitchers on Wednesday…

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