Stadium project rounds third in Dunedin | North County

DUNEDIN — Saws whine, vehicles beep and what he calls “160 ants” scurry around the construction site that is the Dunedin spring home of the Toronto Blue Jays. But amid the bustle, Kyle Freeburg, senior project manager for construction partners Gilbane Turner, has an extremely high level of confidence that everything will be in place by Opening Day.

“One hundred percent,” Freeburg said during a tour of the stadium earlier this month. “What it’s coming down to, is we’re doing the finishes. You don’t want to put the finishes in too fast.”

So turf is being watered, landscaping is being installed, and wiring is snaking into place as the $102 million overhaul of what is now TD Ballpark and the team’s nearby Player Development Center inches toward completion.

It’s the largest construction project in Dunedin history, launched with a November 2017 agreement that will keep Toronto’s spring training and minor-league operations in the city for the next 25 years. The Blue Jays, who entered the big leagues in 1977, are the only major-league team to have a single spring training site for its entire existence.

“The project here…

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