Baseball and cheating: America’s favorite pastime

Another year, another Major League Baseball scandal. Cheating continue to plague America’s pastime.

Like clockwork, the league is quick to get ahead of the scandal, talking about preserving the “integrity of the game,” but is there still integrity in the game of baseball? For a sport that is so dependent on protecting its ideals of image and integrity, no sport has been so laden with constant scandal and people trying to gain a competitive advantage.

In fact, you can go to Wikipedia and find an entire page dedicated to scandals in baseball. They go all the way back to the infamous “Eight Men Out” 1919 Black Sox gambling scandal, to the new Houston Astros sign stealing scandal of 2019. 100 years of history means cheating is as ingrained to baseball as white is to rice. But why does it seem like baseball has more cheating than the other four major sports?

It starts with the “unwritten rules” of baseball. The late, great catcher Joe Garigiola Sr. once said it plainly, “Baseball is a game played by human beings and governed by unwritten laws of survival and self-preservation.”

Baseball is a game of individuals, and survival means taking any and…

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