Babe Ruth, the man behind the legend!

So goes the story of the real Babe Ruth that few may know of. Ruth was born in Baltimore, Maryland. With his father working long hours in his saloon and his mother often in poor health, Little George (as he was known) spent his days unsupervised on the waterfront streets and docks, committing petty theft and vandalism. Hanging out in his father’s bar, he stole money from the till drained the last drops from old beer glasses, and developed a taste for chewing tobacco. He was only six years old.

Most biographies of Ruth say: Having been declared incorrigible at the age of seven by the Baltimore courts, his parents sent him to St. Mary’s Industrial School. After a month passed, they brought him back home to see if he had changed, and reconciliation could have been achieved, he hadn’t, and it would lead to several attempts by his parents. That is only partially true, the truth is that his parents had a very ugly divorce. His mother left leaving his father George Sr. with young George, a boy he did not want to deal with, he sent him to St. Mary’s Industrial School. His father would later die in a family fight at one of his saloons. During the fight, George Sr. would be…

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