Mike Piazza’s slugging percentage record from 2000 alive and well

A New York Mets record nobody talks about much was set in the 2000 season by Mike Piazza. We look back at his all-time great slugging season.

There are only two seasons in New York Mets history which included a batter slugging over .600. The first happened in 1998 when Mike Piazza finished the year with a slugging percentage of .607 as a member of the Amazins. Two years later, he set a new franchise high at .614 over the course of a full campaign.

Piazza is well-known as the greatest home run hitting catcher in MLB history. Although he never held the franchise or single-season record for round-trippers, one could still make an argument that nobody literally slugged baseball as well as him. There’s a certain first baseman who may have something to say about it over the next decade. Until then, nobody is scarier to face than number 31.

The 2000 season wasn’t Piazza’s best with the Mets in terms of home runs, doubles, or other numbers we associate with slugging percentage. Because he did challenge personal bests from other years while in New York, his 482 at-bats for the year helped boost the total.

In fewer chances, Piazza managed to beat his doubles total from the year prior…

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