Why don’t more people care about Mookie Betts? | National Sports

If the best player in Boston is about to be traded and no one in town really seems to care all that much, does that player really belong among the city’s elite?

This is the evolving paradox of Mookie Betts, the superstar outfielder for the Red Sox who — if you believe most reports in Major League Baseball — could be shipped out of town at any moment.

The Betts sweepstakes, set to be won by either the Los Angeles Dodgers or San Diego Padres, is a sad commentary on the state of baseball.

It wasn’t that long ago that a similar bidding war between the Red Sox and Yankees for Alex Rodriguez engulfed Beantown’s winter. The A-Rod trade was the biggest story all of sports in January 2004; now, 16 years later, the Betts rumors are 1,000 watts dimmer than Tom Brady’s Hulu commercial — to say nothing of a Bill Belichick appearance at Rob Gronkowski’s weekend beach party in Miami or a couple of weekend wins by the Bruins or Celtics.

Here’s the $400 million question: Why doesn’t anybody care about Mookie Betts?

This is a guy that was drafted and developed by the Red Sox, has been the Most Valuable Player of the American League and won a…

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