Why March’s six games are critical for the Colorado Rockies

Over the course of a 162-game baseball schedule, baseball fans know that a division title or postseason berth is certainly not secured in the season’s first week. However, for the Colorado Rockies, 2020’s first six games will be critical for a team trying to return to respectability.

With March 26 being the earliest Opening Day in Major League Baseball history, the Colorado Rockies will find themselves in California for the last six days of March, which are also the first six days of the 2020 baseball season. After four games against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park, the Rockies will make the short jaunt north to Los Angeles for three games against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Those are seven games overall, but by the time the seventh hits on April Fool’s Day at Dodger Stadium, Rockies fans may have a feel for what this season may hold.

I know, I know. Some of you are saying, “It’s six games. Relax.” OK, let’s expand it out to the first 15 games of the season over the last decade. How about that?

2019 — 3-12

2018 — 8-7

2017 — 10-5

2016 — 8-7

2015 — 8-7

2014 — 7-8

2013 — 11-4

2012 — 8-7

2011 — 12-3

2010 — 7-8

There are certainly some anomalies in here,…

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