Black History Month quilt shows ‘people doing great things’ | News

MICHIGAN CITY — Joy Elementary School teacher Stephanie Rozinski is using a quilt to cover Black History Month.

Her 13 students, ranging in age from second to sixth grade, have pieced together a paper display titled the African American History Quilt, which hangs in the entryway of the school.

“We did it as an introduction, so we are still learning about all these people. We will be studying them more in depth throughout February,” said Rozinski, who got the quilt idea off of the website

“When I needed something new for Black History Month, that is where I went looking,” she said.

She said the project gives students an opportunity to read non-fiction texts and research for more information on their Chromebooks.

The quilt designates three squares for each of the 30 famous African Americans the students are studying. One square contains the individual’s name, one is an illustration, and the third lists a brief summary of his or her life and accomplishment.

“I think it benefits them to see people doing great things that look like them and to see racial mirrors,” she said. “It helps them have an understanding of…

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