Detroit Tigers could easily be 15 games better this season

DETROIT – The Detroit Tigers were by far the worst team in baseball last season, winning just 47 times and finishing more than 50 games out of the AL Central Division.

This off-season, the team didn’t make any major changes. There were a few savvy free agent signings and even more depth moves, but the absence of Nicholas Castellanos and Shane Greene for the entire season suggest 2020 could be even worse.

But there’s also a chance this season could be a step in the right direction.

As Al Avila prepares to turn the rebuilding process toward competing, there need to be obvious signs of improvement each season. It’s hard not to improve on a 47-114 record — the question is how much better the team can be.

It seems reasonable to set the bar at a 15-game improvement. In other words, a 62-100 record by the end of the year.

Any team that loses 100 games in a season is dreadful, but from the opposite standpoint, 62 wins would mean the Tigers increase their win total by 32% in just one season. Could it happen? Maybe, but a few things have to go right.

Free agent signings pan out

Players involved: Jonathan Schoop, C.J. Cron, Austin Romine, Ivan Nova

Avila’s free agent additions alone…

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