Michael Jordan Baseball Career: Why His Airness Left the NBA for MLB

The sports world stood still on October 6, 1993. Michael Jordan announced he was stepping away from the game of basketball after nine seasons in the NBA and one of the greatest playoff runs in league history. Jordan had just won three straight NBA championships and Finals MVPs. Why would the greatest basketball player on Earth retire at the peak of his powers?

Rewind to July 23, 1993. Michael’s father, James Jordan, was murdered at a highway rest area in Lumberton, North Carolina by two teenagers. The news was devastating for Michael. He shared a close bond with his father, who loved baseball and envisioned his son playing at the professional level. The whirlwind of emotions combined with exhaustion from basketball prompted MJ, a player with multiple NBA All-Star game appearances already, to retire and pursue professional baseball in honor of his father.

Which Baseball Team Did Michael Jordan Play For?

Air Jordan was able to fulfill his father’s vision. On February 7th, 1994, he signed a minor league baseball contract with the Chicago White Sox — who were also owned by Chicago Bulls’ owner…

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