Tampa Bay Rays: Chill Out, it’s Just Sign-Stealing

The Tampa Bay Rays have been affected by the sign-stealing scandal in recent years. We take a look at a history of the art/crime of stealing signs in baseball.

With the Tampa Bay Rays watching their division rivals win a World Series in 2018 whilst utilizing technology to cheat and then being eliminated by the originators of the method (that we know of) last season in the ALDS, we have a vested interest in the goings-on of the cheaters in the league.

Tampa Bay Rays’ fans aren’t happy about all of this, and rightfully so, but are we making too big a deal about it?

Is Brian McCann now actually a bad guy? I’ve heard Braves fans wondering if McCann is now actually a villain.

I have not heard too many rumblings about Charlie Morton, but if we hate the other players from those cheating teams, shouldn’t we be questioning Morton?

Is it possible the Astros were honoring an age-old tradition?

Using Technology to Steal Signs

In 1876, the Harford Blue Dark Blues stationed a man hidden in a shed to steal signs and relay them to hitters.

In 1897 the Phillies stationed a bench player beyond the center-field wall with binoculars and a stinkin’ telegraph. He would send a message to the…

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