How to Get Started in Fantasy Baseball

In the last thirty years, fantasy baseball has seemingly taken over baseball fandom. Yes, you can be a baseball fan without playing fantasy baseball. But you can bet that you can’t watch baseball without at least hearing about fantasy baseball. 

All of this exposure is likely to make many people curious about the “sport” of fantasy baseball. Is it a real sport? What does it involve and how do you play? What do you win? These are all valid questions and ones this article seeks to answer.

What is fantasy baseball?

Before discussing how to get started in fantasy baseball, we need to define it and provide some history. Modern fantasy baseball uses real-life players in made-up teams. The teams in each fantasy baseball league compete against one another using the real-life player’s stats. The better the chosen players perform, the better your team ranks. Most leagues also use salary caps to help control the players each person is able to choose. 

Some form of fantasy baseball has been around for a long time. There are even examples of famous writer Jack Kerouac playing a fictitious version of fantasy baseball as a child. It wasn’t until 1989, however,…

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