Yankees: Take the quiz – With these clues, guess the year this team played

Yankees History (Bleacher Report)


The Yankees are in their 117th season. Think you are a fan of the team and know their history? With the clues provided, what year did this team play…

Yankees fans are not the Houston Astros, so no cheating! Below are fourteen numbered clues to help you name the year this Yankees team played.

Yankees History 1903-2020
Yankees History 1903-2020

Play for the fun of it yourself, or send me an email (see below) with your answer, name, city, and state. I’ll publish all replies in a follow-up post along with answers to each clue. Here we go:

  1. Cuddles, Snuffy, and Red were nicknames of players on this team.
  2. This Yankees team saw 35 different players take an at-bat, but needed only thirteen pitchers to complete the season.
  3. Six players on this team went to the All-Star Game that was played at Sportsman Park in St. Louis.
  4. Three Yankees on this team went to the Hall of Fame. Their total salaries for the year? – $104,000.
  5. This Yankees team had one of the first closers in the game. He finished with sixteen save that year. His last name…

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