2020 Fantasy Baseball: Atlanta Braves Team Preview

Atlanta Braves

The Braves worked their way back into the World Series conversation over the last two years, which came after missing the playoffs over the previous four seasons. Since 1991, Atlanta made the postseason 16 times with one World Series title and five trips to championship series. Since 1901, the Braves picked three World Series titles (1914 – Boston Braves, 1957 and 1995) with 25 postseason appearances.

Their growth in 2019 came on the offensive side of the ball. Atlanta finished sixth in runs (901), which was an improvement of 96 runs from 2018 (759). The Braves hit 259 home runs (eighth) with 824 RBI (sixth). Their pitching staff ranks seventh in ERA (3.75) in 2018, but they drifted back to tenth in ERA (4.19), with most teams allowing more runs due to the impact of the home runs hit (6,776 – most in baseball history). Atlanta finished with 44 saves.

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