Babe Ruth’s Bat Is Still the Heaviest in Baseball History

As the first Home Run King, Babe Ruth has the most famous bat in the history of professional baseball. In an era that wasn’t bogged down by internet or television coverage, Ruth became a national superstar with his larger than life presence in pretty much every category. As such, it should come as no surprise that his bats are still the biggest to ever be used by a professional baseball player.

Babe Ruth’s bat

Ruth was synonymous with the Louisville Slugger throughout his career. It’s a tradition that was passed down to several of the biggest names in professional baseball including, according to Bat Digest, Derek Jeter. Casual observers of baseball might think that all bats are created equal, but players know otherwise and always know what bats are best for them. The bats that worked for them at the beginning of their careers might not work near the end. 

A look at Ruth’s bats shows that he not only liked heavier bats but that the bats got lighter as he got older. He preferred 34- to 36-inch bats throughout his career, and near the beginning, his bats were heavier than those which have…

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