Trevor Bauer disagrees with Major League Baseball playoff proposal

Somebody had to say it, and it just so happened to be Trevor Bauer. The Cincinnati Reds pitcher severely questioned the new MLB playoff proposal.

Trevor Bauer has over 200,000 followers on Twitter and he’s about to gain a whole lot more. The Cincinnati Reds pitcher took to the social media site last night to voice his displeasure over the recent proposal to Major League Baseball’s playoff format. I think Bauer speaks for the majority of baseball fans when he calls the proposed changes “absurd”.

For some weird reason, MLB is apparently trying to tinker with the playoff format. According to ESPN, the number of teams would jump from 10 to 14 and have an odd twist when it comes to the matchups, reportedly allowing teams to select their opponent.

I’m a bit of a baseball purist, and originally hated the idea of an additional Wild Card team. However, I’ve come around to the idea and understand that an added postseason spot can increase viewership as the season winds down. While I still don’t like it, I can at least understand it. This latest proposal has me, and apparently Trevor Bauer, baffled.

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