Baseball Is Staying In Beloit

The history of baseball in Beloit will not end after the 2020 season, but that’s nothing new.

For the past four years, Quint and Rishy Studer, both from just up highway 51 in Janesville, have worked diligently to ensure that baseball remains in Beloit.

It is of great credit that the Snappers Community Board has kept baseball in place in Beloit, and their hard work is now being rewarded. A new ballpark is coming to Beloit, with the Studers and Riverbend Stadium Group joining with community leader Diane Hendricks to make it happen.

To the Studers and many local citizens, this isn’t a business deal. This isn’t about revenue or return on investment.

This is about a community, a hometown, and the impact the game of baseball can have to improve lives. This is about ensuring that Quint and Rishy’s children and grandchildren, who still reside twenty minutes away in Janesville, can join families across southern Wisconsin in enjoying sunny afternoons at the ballpark. This is about revitalizing a downtown and bringing a newfound vibrancy to a city.

Twenty years ago, the Studers encountered a similar situation in Pensacola, Florida, a city Quint’s career in…

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