CLEMSON BASEBALL: Lee ‘excited’ to get 2020 year started | Clemson Tigers

“But we’ve got a lot of unproven guys in terms of experience. So being able to pass the baton. That’s a big term we’ve been using here lately. It’s nine guys in that lineup. And we’re going to have to click together nine quality at-bats, and find ways to get on base, and just pass the baton on to the next guy. We don’t have that proven three, four, five right now. But we’ve also had some teams in the past that hit a whole bunch of home runs. And three, four, five, we’re pretty dang good. And, then, we weren’t quite as good as we wanted to be six through nine. I think we got a better chance to spread our lineup out and put together quality at-bats. Will we have the same amount of power? I don’t think so, but I didn’t think we were going to finish 11th in the country last year in home runs.”

On the mound, Clemson returns most of its front-line pitchers. Lee believes this year’s staff, especially the bullpen, could be his best yet.

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