Phillies president Andy MacPhail cheers whistleblower, jeers cheating Houston Astros

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Pitcher Mike Fiers, who blew the whistle on the Houston Astros for cheating during the 2017 season, has a fan in Phillies president Andy MacPhail.

“I’m delighted this has come out,” MacPhail said during his annual spring-training address Friday. “I have all the respect in the world for Fiers for coming out and talking about it. I think the game’s better as a result of it.”

MacPhail, a third-generation baseball executive, had no words of praise for the Astros organization.

“The Commissioner’s office did a pretty exhaustive study,” MacPhail said. “They made their decisions. I have no reason to doubt it. I do think that the Commissioner went to some length to talk about the culture that was there that was disturbing. This wasn’t, in my view, the first instance. How they treated some of their employees in the past is not something that would be tolerated by our ownership. You had the whole Taubman thing that went on and their reaction, and this was just another example.”

The Astros have spent plenty of time in the news – for all the wrong reasons – over the last five months.

In October, Brandon Taubman, one of their assistant…

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