Astros cheating scandal now part of the fabric of baseball

With the Astros, however, there was plenty of proof, some but not nearly enough punishment, and after given immunity, admissions of guilt by the players. But after Crane’s pathetic press conference in West Palm Beach Thursday — in which he continued to absolve himself of any responsibility and had the gall to say (and then slightly recant) the Astros’ illegal sign stealing “didn’t impact the game” — it is clear the Houston owner thinks this is all an unnecessary nuisance that will be forgotten in time while it’s back to business for him and his organization. Otherwise, why, for starters, has he done nothing about the two employees, Derek Vigoa and Tom Koch-Weser, whom the Wall Street Journal reported last week were the masterminds of an internal Excel-based application called Codebreaker that was implemented by the Astros for stealing signs.

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