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Baseball blood runs deep for Bridget Binsbacher.

A baseball family that started with Binsbacher’s grandfather, who played farm league baseball in the 1930s, has reached new heights in the present day with Binsbacher serving as the Cactus League’s first executive director.

More than that, Binsbacher is the first-ever actual employee of the Cactus League, which has been coordinating spring training events for Major League Baseball since the 1940s. 

For most of its history, the Cactus League has been run by volunteers. In Binsbacher, the organization now has a year-round leader to represent them in various economic circles in Arizona.

Binsbacher is the first one of those volunteers to reach a new level.

“It’s a part of Cactus League history,” said Binsbacher, who was named executive director in July. “Though I didn’t know that at the time and none of us were really paying attention. But I was the first female on the executive board and now being the executive director has really been an exciting time — not only for me but for the industry. 

“The board, and a lot of those members have been there a long time…